Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thoughts & Goals For 2010

First things first I wanted to share the lovely thing that happened to me yesterday. I went to my favorite local bead store and I took some pieces in with me to see if I could match any freshwater pearls with them for stringing. The owner saw this set and fell in love. She asked if I was interested in trading and of course I said "Yes"! Evidently she has wanted some of my work for a while now. I am honored and was able to re-stock my favorite gold filled earwires with this trade. (I get a better price from her than I can buy at this time from all my other suppliers.)

I have several goals for this coming year for my business. I plan to enter several bigger, juried shows, keep up with my blogging, start a new website (as it is almost impossible to update the old one). I will be taking on more responsibilities in the glass shop. I plan to keep my business records updated monthly and I have some great ideas for a new line of goodies. I think I will launch the line towards the end of summer just in time for the holidays. I will also be designing some new jewelry collections. Plus I need to work on promoting more and keep up with the guilds better!

In my personal life I have set goals for learning to schedule and manage my time more efficiently. I also need to re-learn how to live like a responsible human being. I know that I can be a much better person than I am. There are numerous tasks/good habits that most do without thinking daily and I want to re-train myself to them. I will continue to re-claim the yard, house and myself!

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