Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Upcycled Work In Progress

I didn't get time to work on a new piece for the Romance collection today. Between my aunt visiting, another shower for Miss Lacy (and me) the morning was gone. The afternoon was spent stealing some time to go to Michael's with one of my best friends and the evening will be spent teaching beginning stained glass. Then it will be bedtime.

But first I thought I would show the next dichroic glass pendant that I'm going to upcycle.
This little heart has a lot of color and fire not to mention the "zebra" striping. I'm going to make a new bail, put it on a chain and am thinking of adding a small wire wrapped key charm or maybe I'll use a charm from my stash. I'm trying to decide between several names for it: Heart Of Ice, Heart Of The Mist or Heart Of An Angel. I'm leaning towards the latter myself, it's also Mike's idea.