Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ethereal Vines, White Dichroic Glass Earrings & Pendant

More goodies! I finished the pendant today and listed both the earrings and pendant in my Artfire studio today. These cabochons are out of white opal glass that has been overlaid with hand drawn and etched dichroic glass. A lovely shimmery silver-blue that in the right light also goes purple.

I was supposed to have a class last night, but was stood up again.....From now on these folks will be required to come in and physically sign up for my classes.

I edited all the titles in my Artfire studio today. Before the title had the name and then a short description of it. Now the short description comes first then the name. This way I seem to show up much better on the searches.

I have got to figure out a way to make a catalog of my pretties. I know that there are several places I could leave one at. I guess for me the main problem is my printer. I don't think it prints very good pictures. I think I will also do a bit of searching on-line. I may be able to put something together and then order it.

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