Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mike's Rainbow Trout

Here are the windows my ex, Mike has just finished. A lovely pair of Rainbow Trout done completely in clear and iridized glass. There is even a pair of small bugs that the trout are jumping to catch. These will be flanking a fireplace. I think he has done a wonderful job. Yes, he drew these up from scratch too!

For me today was a busy, but unproductive on the jewelry end. I did laundry, accompanied my aunt, filled holes dug by puppies and taught stained glass. I did manage to get my wire though. I live four or five blocks from my favorite bead store and have decided that I need to start walking there instead of combining going there with other errands. So while I was there I asked "If I walk there with my little dog, could he come in with me?". The answer was yes! So from now on if the weather isn't to horrid Brutus and I will be walking there. He is a shop dog and has good people manners so I don't have to worry about him being a brat either. I decided to give you a peek of the next cab I'm finishing into a pendant.

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