Friday, January 2, 2015

Taking Better Care Of My Health

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My primary goal in taking better care of my physical self in 2015 is by eating healthier.  So this year I'm working to eliminate excessive sugar and salt from my diet.  I want to get away from processed foods that are full of chemicals and other junk that drags us down and I want to get away from GMO foods and go organic where I can.

My plan is to take slowly and keep it simple.   Right now no more store bought commercially made junk food.  No more than one soda a day and it cannot contain brominated vegetable oil. Home cooked meals from scratch instead of processed junk. Prepping ingredients for meals ahead of time. Spending a day or two a month cooking and freezing meals for those days I just don't have the time of energy to cook.  Little things and choices that will add up to a happier healthier, more energetic me.

And I bet at this point you are wondering "What about exercise?"  Well as a checker I get a great work out at work!  Getting out of my chair and keeping up the house and yard are also excellent forms of exercise.  Combined with healthy eating and portion control I shouldn't need extra exercise and should still lose weight.

I am doing this more for the short term health benefits than the long term. I haven't felt or looked like the person I want to be for too many years. In the past six months my blood pressure has risen into the high end of the normal range and high blood pressure medications scare me. Good nutrition should improve my mental outlook while improving my energy and over all physical well being while helping me to lose weight and lower my blood pressure.  I am also hoping it will help with my dry skin issues as well.

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