Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another one of my lovely pendants. This picture was also taken under the florescent lights in the studio section of the glass shop.
I have managed to take new pictures of most all of my wire wrapped pendants and some of my necklaces. I am still trying to decided if I should re-do the filigree lace and post earrings. That's a lot of work. Off the display cards and then back on.
Tonight I'm going to take a break from taking pictures and concentrate on updating the rest of my listings. I still have my Etsy shop to do.
All this hard work is paying off though. I sold the white dichroic pendant "Moonmist" today courtesy of the blogging system. In order to protect privacy I'm not going to name anyone with out their permission. So "Thanks", you know who you are!
On a more personal note I'm finally getting a new mattress set. I've needed a new set for years and for my birthday I'm getting a new set as a gift from my aunt. And it will be delivered on my birthday. How cool is that?

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Dawno said...

Oh I don't mind if you mention your very happy customer! :-) Thank you for being so considerate.

And happy upcoming birthday - what a cool present! I remember when I got my new mattress set a while ago, it was such a wonderful event I even blogged about it!