Monday, March 9, 2009


Well another busy weekend is over. I don't think I'm going to plan on blogging much on the weekends. By the time everything is done I'm to tired to think let alone blog! I help my dad deliver the Sunday paper and that starts at 3am and ends about 6am. I did my share today and finished in about an hour and a half. As my dad is coming down with a cold it appears that I will be going out to deliver with him tomorrow morning too.

Received the sterling silver earwires today and they look very nice on my earrings. I look forward to trying out the Terra cast bead caps I ordered. I managed to get all my new sterling silver earrings carded and up on the earring display. Still have to price them though.

I have torn apart all my dangle earrings that were put together with glue-on findings. Now I am in the process of removing the glue. Thankfully I am almost done with that part. Then I can dop them and channel them for wire wrapping.

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