Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Fiery Sunset" One of the gorgeous pendant whose listing has received a photo makeover.

I am still riding on the excitement of getting these awesome pictures. I took pictures for about two hours yesterday until I had to stop due to exhaustion! Then I edited them and went through my listings and gave them a photo makeover. I've had a few that the color didn't photograph correctly, but I learned how to make the go back and re-edit the existing pictures from good to great with some judicious cropping.

Then today I sorted all these pictures, 300+ into their appropriate files on my storage drive, editing and deleting the old pictures I replaced.

And after all that I went and added the word "Dichroic" to all 113 listings in my ArtFire studio for the new search program. Now I have definitely earned a break! BUT, oh no I want to go take MORE pictures tonight!


Dawno said...

wow! what a lot of work! but so worth it - the pictures are beautiful and showcase your pieces perfectly. The delicate background is interesting but not intrusive.

Grateful Mama said...

Your work is beautiful and your background looks great in the photographs!