Monday, June 22, 2009

Aztec Suns Wire Wrapped Dichroic Earrings

Aztec Suns is what my son said I should name these lovely earrings so I did. These lovely earrings are based on a tutorial I purchased from Solivio on ArtFire. She has several other lovely tutorials for sale in her studio. In using tutorials I learn how the components of the designs work together. First I have to learn how these designs work before I can start designing my own.
Also I usually have to adapt the designs for use with my dichroic fused glass cabs.

I love the challenge of intricately wire wrapped and woven jewelry like this. I look forward to making many more! I have a lot of beautiful glass beads that I hope to use in some designs and eventually plan to switch to semi-precious & precious gemstone beads entirely. I don't have a lot of small rondelle beads so I will be concentrating on purchasing this style of gemstone beads first!

I have been working on passing the "Lovely Blog Award" for a week now. I think if I would of realized how much time and energy it would take to pass it onto fifteen other blogs I would of thought twice before accepting it. I think fifteen is really too much work and the number should be no more than five! Such is life. So anyway here are my last five picks for the lovely blog award.

1. Misti Kallas Designs for her sense of humor about life and motherhood!
2. Pocket Totes because I love her totes and purses!
3. Gemheaven because I love her jewelry.
4. Eclettica The Ateliar for a fun and entertaing read, for her absolutely amazing wire wrapped jewelry and of course the lovely pink blog influenced me also!
5. A Dollie A Day for her wonderful, in-depth articles and fabulous dolls.


CindySowers said...

Thanks, doll-ing for electing me to your award! You're a doll!

mdk jewelry designs said...

Thank you so much for the award. I will post it! Sorry, this went straight to my spam box for some strange reason.