Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dichroic Glass Jewelry-New Looks

New pieces! Azteca was a fun piece to make. Originally I had planned to only put one row of beads on. I ended up filling the piece in up to the cabochon which actually worked out very nicely and attached the cabochon to the back and hides where it is attached. This is a new style and I love how it turned out. I look forward to making some smaller pieces as this one turned out fairly large.

Dichroic fused glass is know for it's bright, bold, eye-catching vivid colors. I tend to hear the occasional comment about how lovely it is, yet it is to bold for to wear. So for all of you out there that like small and subtle I present another side of dichroic glass to you, Green Lilies!


Dawno said...

That is a really lovely pendant - the intricate work is beautifully done and really sets off the cabachon perfectly.

WillowWalker said...

Thank you Dawn!