Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dichroic & Gold Image Pendants

"The Feather" "Seahorse"

One of the new things I have been experimenting with is gold decals fused into the surface of the glass. The images are 22k gold decals. These are images on a thin film glued onto a paper backing. When dipped or soaked in water the glue loosens allowing the decal to slide off the paper. It can then be applied to the cabochon. All wrinkles are carefully pushed out and and excess water is blotted of. After the decals have dried the cabochons head back into the kiln for another firing. This firing fuses the decal to the surface of the cabochon.
I think they are turning out quite lovely. The feather is for sale in my ArtFire studio,
Willow Walker Designs. The Seahorse will be listed soon.
I received the decals and the pods the Christmas of 2007 from my Father and due to unfortunate circumstances was unable to play with them any sooner.


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