Friday, June 26, 2009

Going On A Road Trip To The Locks

The Sternwheeler/Portage Days at Cascade Locks is this weekend. My hearty helpers and I are going to give it a try and see how it goes. So I will be gone thru Sunday this weekend.

This is one I am trying on a recomendation. I do know this has been going on for at least fifteen years as I have black powder friends that attend. I was also told in Febuary that the motels were already booked for this weekend and that the news reported the event as cancelled due to the weather last year and although it wasn't, there was a very good turnout.

We are leaving tomorrow morning and hope to get there at a reasonable time. We will set up the booth, tables, etc; Get our campsite and then hopefully go surprise our friends!

I look forward to a fun, exciting and long weekend. The show is open from ten am to nine pm on Saturday and ten am to five pm on Sunday.

Just wanted to share some close-ups of the cabs now that they are all "cooked". I really pleased with them.

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