Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All Cooked!

Here's the finished, fused pretties! I now have the findings on these and the glue is setting. I still have seven pairs of earrings to finish if the findings get here in time. ;)

I'm back to my "grueling" work pace. Rolling out of bed bright and early and getting right to work. As a result I have already fired a load of pretties to apply 22K gold decals and now have a "low fire" load cooking.

While the these have been/are cooking I have been busy gluing stuff up. Not only did I get the bails glued onto these I have also glued up a bunch of inexpensive adjustable rings and basic post earrings. So I now have those all restocked for this weekend.

My ex has cut one table down to 24 inches wide. Turns out they weren't 36 inches wide but 30 inches. And the legs are about 26 inches at the feet. Argh. Can't a person have some decentm sturdy tables without paying an arm and a leg?


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Lisa Bartnik said...

Oh my my, what beautiful pretties, you have there my creative friend! Lots of ooohhhs & aaahhs!