Thursday, May 13, 2010


Wow, what can I say so much going on right now. I am entering my "busy" season. Gearing up for the show season and making new stuff to sell. I lost March and part of April. So now I am playing the make up game. So where to start? With these WIP's of course!

Picture #1 shows the beginnings of more confetti cabs. I cut out five clear glass blanks and then brushed thinned out white glue on them. (working one at a time). Then I poured my custom color mix on to them. After they were dry I put thwm in the kiln to tack fuse. Just because I wanted to see how they looked before I put them on dichroic. Tonight I put them in the kiln to fuse them to dichroic glass. I also put in some more pieces for my Modern Bold Collection. Four are hand drawn, cut etched too!

Other exciting news. Received an invite for the upcoming "Balloons Over Bend Festival" in the Old Mill District. Turns out I have to have liability insurance to participate. So I called around for some un-encouraging quotes. Dad is going to see if there is any way to add me to his insurance. As I live with my dad I do not rent, or own the home. Also the vehicles I drive are in his name and his insurance. When he put me on I actually brought his auto insurance down-a whopping $18 dollars a year! :)

Also we will be picking up a bunch of glass from our competitor tomorrow morning. They are going out of business so we are picking up a bunch of stuff for a very reasonable price. I'm getting a quarter sheet of some dichroic glass that has little dragonflies all over it. Loved that glass for quite while now too! Got some cute little pendant kits that will be great projects in fusing classes. Plus a whole bunch of sheet glass and chemicals.

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~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

You go girl! Good luck with your shows, you will be awesome!!