Friday, May 7, 2010

Cookin' In The Kiln!

I'm cookin' tonight, glass that is! This shelf of beauties are cooking as we speak. This is the final stage in the process. A trip though the kiln to give them a nice smooth, polished look and feel. The bottom picture turned out blurry, but the color of the white cabs is good.

As of tomorrow morning they will be taken from the kiln, wiped off and all ready for packing! Some will be sent off for others to have fun with while others will go into my supply shop and the rest into "The Hoard". I plan to have the completed orders ready for shipping by Monday.

BUT I'm not done making cabs yet. I have more slabs yet to fuse and more cabs to cut! Still haven't cut into the big piece of rainbow ripple on black! And then there are the confetti cabs I plan to make and some out of that lovely pink and green glass. ;)

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Deronda said... that is a full shelf. So many pretty colors and shapes.