Thursday, May 6, 2010

Busy Day & A Vet Visit!

It has been a long, busy, work filled day. Started at seven with getting up and taking Miss Lacey to the vet to be spayed. Then some breakfast and off to work I went.

I finished grinding the little square cabs and then I started on the channeling in between helping customers. I took a half hour lunch break about two pm then went back to it.

At three we took Brutus in for his vaccinations and picked up Miss Lacey. Here she is later feeling more herself, but very sleepy. She is falling asleep on my son and you can even see her naked belly!

After we returned from the vet's office I went back to channeling cabs, took a short break for dinner, then back at it again until about six. Then it was time to get ready for class. Finally at nine fifteen I could relax! I still have more cabs to channel!

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