Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Etching Adventures!

I have been up to more etching of designs into dichroic glass! The first picture shows two hand drawn, cut and etched designs. They are the pink and gold pieces. The gold is a salvage piece. I didn't leave the etching cream on it long enough the first time. This time I used some clear resist to re-do the pattern. I used clear resist and some dot stickers on the pinkish one! I used stars and dots to create the designs on the blue and silver pieces. I am really beginning to love stickers! I still have to finish cleaning the sticky off some of these before I fuse them.

The second picture is of a piece where I have tried a different technique of resist. My good friend Deronda thought of it. This is the resist technique used for etching metals-copper, brass, silver and I presume gold. Deronda sent me some ready to use resist transfers she printed. Notice the fine details! I think she had a great idea. I look forward to doing more! All these pieces are one inch by one and a half inches. You can find here beautiful beads and gorgeous etched copper pieces in her Artfire and Etsy shops, Deronda designs.

I have also came across something else I find quite interesting. It appears if I invest in the right kind of printer I will also be able to make my on decals for fusing! This will take more research though.

Other news-I'm sorry I haven't blogged for the past two days. I have just been too tired. Had a safe trip home from Hoaquim.

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