Saturday, May 8, 2010

Disappointment Equals More Work

Here are the finished cabs. Upon closer examination I had to re-channel about two thirds of these and treat them as if the had devitrified. I etched them and have applied a boraxo solution to correct them.

Also note to myself-Do not EVER mess with my favorite fire polishing cycle. I may use a digital control box on my kiln, but the temperatures and holding time have been determined by my experience over time.

I etched the "doodles" I had ready. Here are the results. Unfortunately I didn't leave the etching cream on long enough on two of my favorites. I like the hearts, green fern and the swirls best. I definitely think some of my doodles are better off done using some resist paper.

I have more glass fusing into slabs in the kiln too.

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