Sunday, September 13, 2009



Well summer is almost over, the kids are back in school and I have too much inventory on my hands!! So.. to fix this problem and celebrate the upcoming fall season I have marked 40% off of all items showing in my Artfire Studio! This sale starts now and goes through Friday, September 18Th, 8pm Pacific Standard Time!

These are WHOLESALE prices everyone! So come on in and get yourself or a loved one something special today!

If you can't already tell I really wish/need to make some sales AND clear out old inventory! I have a lot of stock and am itching to make more! BUT.. to do that I need to clear out the old to make room for the new.

I'll be the first to admit that I am not a neat freak. My house clutters up for a while and then I'll clean it. I'm just more interested in creating and playing than cleaning. I hate housework and refuse to "Spring Clean". BUT when fall hits this amazing thing happens, Fall Cleaning! As the weather turns cool and the days get shorter I get began to get a nesting urge. By Thanksgiving the house has been cleaned and organized from top to bottom! I think it is because my loved ones and I will be cooped up staring at the same walls for the next four, five, six months and I instinctively have to have it all in order to stay sane and make the long winter months more comfortable and enjoyable for us all. Can anyone else relate to this and do any of you do it too?

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Anonymous said...

Good one on clearance and it helps a lot.

Peter - Officetronics Clearance