Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Festival Report!

Just one pair of some of my newer earring designs that sold over the weekend. They were only two weeks old. I found it very exciting and satisfying to see my newer creations selling so soon from conception. This tells me that I am starting to fine tune my artistic vision to what people will buy! I love making a customer happy!

Well I had a great time on Saturday and made my booth fee in one day plus a little more. I have decided that I love visitors! (aka tourists) This lovely breed have money to spend and do so. They were also prevelant on Saturday. They energy, feel, vibe of the show was great on Saturday too! Sunday seemed to be the day the locals came out to see all the goodies, but they really weren't buying.

Saturday's forecast of cloudy, scattered rain showers and windy held mostly true. We had a slight sprinkling around eleven a.m. that ended almost as soon as it had started. We then had another shower that started just a few minutes before five p.m. as the show was ending. The part that held the truest was the wind. I spent most of Saturday "bench pressing" my canopy into the wind gusts to keep it from skittering into the booth behind me. Yes, I do have weights, about 30 pounds a corner. The booth sides act like sails causing the canopy to try to go windsurfing!

I think I had more to say, but the extra long day ( no nap either!) is clouding my brain. I'll share more about the new pieces that went to homes tomorrow!

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