Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Show Booth

I have been meaning to share pictures of my booth set up for quite a while now, but have just not quite had a chance to take pictures. So last Saturday I decided to remedy that!

This first picture is of the table that displays most of my fancier jewelry. Necklaces, sets, earrings and bracelets.

The second picture is shown looking into my booth. The handsome young man hamming for my camera is one of my son's schoolmates.

The last photo shows my other table. My hanging pendant display is a simple, but lovely fireplace screen I came across at a local discount grocery (& more!) store. I love how I can hang the necklaces up and leave them between shows. Because it is made out of screen I don't have to worry about the wind trying to blow it and the table over. It just goes through! When showing out of doors one must be prepared for wind and rain. Every display I have can be easily clamped and weighed down. I also have a rug (not shown) between the tables. This allows my glass jewelry to bounce instead of breaking.

So anyway here is my booth!

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