Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Small Victories!

Well I had a much better day today compared to yesterday. No sales yet and am doubting I will see any.

I had so hoped to go to the biggest bead show in the state, the Portland Interveave Press Bead Fest at the Oregon Convention Center. It only seems to come around about every 18months. But with the way my sales are going online and off. I just won't have any money to spend..

But on another note I have decided I'm not happy with my banner. So I was poking around and found one I love. With the help of my plurkie peeps I decided to go for it. This banner has inspired me to come up with a new tagline, "Mystical Wire Wrapped Dichroic Glass Jewelry". Also I plan to rewrite my bio and studio intro. In the coming months I will also edit my listings to go with my new theme. I think (hope) part of my problem is I'm trying to portray my studio in a manner that just isn't me. This new banner is!

As soon as I get it loaded i will share it via a link and explain more about my new branding and what this new banner means to me!

On another note I did work in the glass shop today pricing and putting away three stacks of glass from the studio! I didn't get started on cabs so it may be another small batch. I have to have them in the kiln tomorrow if I want to have them ready for the weekend. I have to say it is much easier to make smaller batches. Less cutting and less channeling later. Which is easier on me.

p.s. another picture taken of the McKay crossing falls!

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