Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AJDJSS Featured Studio, AndreaTJewelry!

It's time for another featured studio/artist. This week's featured studio and artist is AndreaT Designs! Here are a couple of pictures of her lovely earrings.

Q. How did you get into creating jewelry?

I got started making jewelry with a basic earring design class. I wanted to make earrings to match all of my clothes, and I just kept going. About three years ago, I started making other items, like bracelets and necklaces, and eventually had to find a market because I had too much jewelry.

Q. Do you have a favorite style, technique or materials?

A. I started with a lot of Swarovski crystals, but have moved to preferring semi-precious gemstones with sterling silver, although I use gold-filled and copper metal, too. I certainly have a style, but I can't define it. I call it classic and fun, encompassing metal and stone designs with a modern, simple style.

Q. What would you do if you won a thousand dollars?

A. If I won $1000? Donate some to animal charities and see if I could pay for a jewelry class with the rest!

Q. What other crafts or hobbies are you into?

A. I decided on jewelry after trying a whole assortment of crafts, and, since I like color and bold design, I occasionally work in stained glass. I am looking forward to an upcoming fused glass class. I've always wanted to try paper crafting and am interested in trying some soapmaking, too.

Q. Do you have a favorite color or color combination?

A. I love purple and green, or purple and blue best. I have to work to use colors I wouldn't ordinarily wear, because I want to make jewelry that appeals to a wide range of women.

Thank you Andrea for your time! Andrea recently moved to my local area and I look forward to meeting her in person. I can tell we have a lot in common already, stained glass and jewelry!

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