Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blue Diamond Dichroic Glass Earrings & A Sneak Peek!

Today I listed these stunning cobalt Blue Dichroic Glass Earrings. This is another pair of cabs from the hoard! This leaves me one more pair to list tomorrow. I do have another pair of earrings to upcycle and three more pairs of cabs that are waiting to be wrapped out of the hoard.

Sneak Peek! The second picture shows the rest of the cabs I have cut out and ground. They still need to be channeled and fire polished. I have fifteen pairs of earring cabs and one ring cab. I have decided it is high time to start paying for my kiln usage. So I plan to run a full shelf the next time I fire polish. (Usually I run a full shelf when firing slabs together.)

The last picture shows the next slab of glass I'll be cutting cabs out of. I have already cut out the ring cab and one heart. Then I will start cutting out of the other glass slabs I have fused up. I have two different colors of dichroic ripple glasses fused onto white, blue, red and two different orange shades. Some of these are from a batch I fused last fall. I was very disappointed in them. Looking at them I don't think they are all that bad, they are just not colors I'm wild about. Time has given me some perspective.

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