Monday, February 1, 2010

Krystal's Birth Date....

That's my girl, Krystal after having one of (what would turn out to be one of the last) best days of her short life. She had spent the day with her best friend and they played in some make-up and made themselves "Bee-ootiful"!

As is our custom Mike and I placed vases of cut flowers on the mantle next to her picture and urn. We do this at Christmas, her birthday, Valentine's, Memorial Day and the day of her passing.

She would have turned eleven today. As you can tell she was a busy, inquisitive, precocious and loving child. We lost her due to complications from Aplastic Anemia. Aplastic Anemia is a rare bone marrow failure disease and has many of the same symptoms as Leukemia.

I feel I was luckier than other parents. I had time to make sure she knew how much she was loved and treasured. We had the chance to live knowing there might not be a next month, week or tomorrow.

Despite the bittersweetness of the occasion I actually had a good day.

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