Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Show Booth Display

This is my updated booth display for 2011. I've switched my jewelry tray inserts to white leatherette. I'm hoping it will help keep the glass a bit cooler in the hot summer sun. This first picture is the table to the right when one enters my booth.

These next three pictures are of the table on the left hand side of my booth. I've included two close-ups of the displays along with one that shows the whole table. I've added an acrylic stair-step riser to display the little necklace/earring easels (?), a nice pair of white leatherette ring displays and the pendant tree. I have the backboards on my earring display due to the winds that blow the sidewall of my canopy against the back of the display. It hits the earwires and knocks the earrings off the display.

1 comment:

eaglehawk said...

Your booth is absolutely amazing. I would be drawn to your booth just because of how wonderful it looks.