Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cabochon Making Update

What can I say? I am getting a wee bit frustrated with the time it is taking me to get these cabochons done. First of all I have never made this many at once before. I am working on about 200 cabochons. I will have two, err three shelves to fire polish in the kiln. I will have one shelf of earring cabochons, small pendants and rings. The second will be the large pendant cabochons. Of course the large ring cabochons will be fired separately as I will drape them on a curved surface so they will fit the fingers nicely.

I don't think I have ever made more than 80 at a time before. Before I would get up early and work until late at night. In about three days I would have them all done. But now I only get to work on them for a few hours a day, four days a week. I will be working hard to get these finished this week. I need to make little cabochons for earrings and inexpensive rings too.

I have free up my time to finish getting the yard weeded. Also I have to clean, sort and organize the garage and the garden shed. Not to mention every room in the house. I also need to clean off the front porch, wash the siding on the house and power wash the glass shop porch so we can re-seal the wood. Not to mention finishing cleaning the shop.

What can I say-it is finally nice out and I want everything done yesterday! I thought I was behind last year at this time. It's worse this year between dad's death and the wet, rainy weather. all of a sudden I realize how much there is that needs to be done! Aaaaaaacccckkkkkkk!

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