Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Another Busy Day

I didn't manage to stay awake after the paper route today. Despite being exhausted I still couldn't fall asleep until late last night around ten pm. I was back up from my nap at 9:15 am and out the door on my way to Lowe's by 9:25 am. I was flower shopping. I was home by 10:10 am. Ten minutes late to open the shop, but then I had to go re-deliver a paper. So it was 10:30 before I was able to open the shop. My goals today were to work on my cabochons until mid-afternoon then start planting flowers.

So I started grinding away on my cabochons. At 11:30 am I realized it was Tuesday and I had a class to teach at 12:00! So I put a breakfast sandwich in the microwave and watered all my new flowers. When my students arrived I was gobbling my sandwich and re-marking cabochons for grinding.

During class I cleaned a stainless steel draping mold and re-coated it with kiln wash. Once it was dry I put it in the kiln to drape a student's fusing class project. Right before the end of class I found out the ex was heading out for the rest of the afternoon and we had a repair that needed to be ready to leave tomorrow!!!

So once class was over, students gone and the studio picked up I wrestled my unusual window repair into the studio and up onto the counters. I say unusual because normally I do stained glass repair. This was an old historic wooden window with old architectural glass. I had to replace five panes in it. This required chiseling out all the old glazing and removing the broken glass. Then putting in the replacement glass, securing it with diamond points and re-glazing. I was lucky-about an hour into it my ex returned and helped me finish it. We finished at 5:10 pm. I closed the shop put some food in the microwave and here I am blogging before I head to bed!

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Dawn Baca said...

Your doing a great job, I think your amazing!