Monday, June 6, 2011

Gripes Of A Paper Carrier

Thought I'd share some pictures from my yard. The first picture is of one of my peonies. It's the first plant of several to bloom. The second is of my trees. The largest tree is my apple tree. It is an original Rome Apple tree-not a hybrid. And my Prairie Fire Crab apple is gorgeous right now!

OK, now for the gripes. ;) I have two major gripes as a paper carrier. One is that people who would never dream of blocking a mailbox never even think twice about blocking the newspaper tube. Whether it is with their vehicle or garbage cans. Now a days delivering papers is usually a DRIVING route, not walking or biking. This means every time a tube is blocked we have to waste time stopping the car, putting it in park and getting out to put the paper in the tube...then getting back in the car...I deliver almost 500 papers a night and have four or less hours to do so. I will admit that I deliver more than most which means I have to stay on time to get it done on time. Also I am not a mail carrier and am NOT driving a vehicle where I sit on the "wrong" side of the car to drive...

The second which is even more upsetting is paper THIEVES. I know you think that a paper here or there isn't going to hurt the "big" guy, IE the paper publisher. After all they can just write it off. Guess again thief, you are WRONG!!!!! The only person who pays is the little guy who delivers the paper. We are expected to drive back and re-deliver that stolen paper if we don't want to have our pay docked. We still lose gas and time. If I don't re-deliver that paper I will be docked four to eight times what I get paid for ONE paper. Each time I have a paper show up missing and have to re-deliver I have to also lose a minimum ONE MEAL per dollar I am docked. I have nowhere else in my budget to absorb the loss of income except my grocery budget. This also helps to ensure that I don't screw up. My hungry stomach thanks you thief-after all I just love to go hungry......(NOT-I am being sarcastic)

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