Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

Here's a cute picture of my lapdogs and I. As you can tell our golden girl has absolutely no concept of her size! ;)

I have been asking myself some very powerful questions lately and for some reason the answers have been crystal clear.

I want to be successful. I have been asking myself what things do successful people do that I'm not doing... First I have to define my version of successful. I want to know I can pay my bills, taxes, insurance etc; without being broke and doing without things. I want to be financially secure. I want to be building that savings account because that savings account is also an EMERGENCY FUND. When I think of it this way it takes on a lot more importance. This is where money for car and home repairs, medical or financial emergencies comes from. Not to mention where money resides for when a great deal comes up AND of course the future. As I have spent a large part of my life living hand to mouth I DON'T want to go back there. This means planning a detailed budget and sticking to it.

Another part of successful is how I live my life-morals, ethics and values. When I live right it means things go right. For me this means implementing a schedule and learning to manage my time wisely. In doing so I will be able to learn to keep up a house, business, yard and my jewelry. This also includes taking care of me. Going to bed on time, eating healthy, getting back to exercising. I want to get back to being a nice lean machine. I'll feel better and have more energy and hurt less. Not to mention in another year or two I will have to manage things on my own as I won't have a son available. He'll be heading off to make his own way into the world.

The other part is based on my jewelry and the glass shop. My goal is to be able to live off of the income from my jewelry in the long haul. I also want to see the glass shop producing enough income to be able to pay it's own way with money to spare. To get there I need to learn more about running a business and to stay on top of all those pesky chores like bookkeeping and other business tasks. I also need to get back on track with all that on-line stuff to advertise my jewelry and the shop.

Some of these things I have done in the past and can learn to do again. Many of these things I have been meaning to do for quite a while and it's time to stop procrastinating and just do it. I never meant to put it off this long. If I don't do these things I will never get anywhere or amount to anything.

I truly believe in the concept of mind over matter. Our brain is an amazing thing. The experts say we use less than 50% of it. (if I remember correctly) I practiced this when I was in high school. I could set an internal alarm clock, stay warm etc; Part of this is visualization-visualizing and seeing oneself doing it. As part of this I am working on defining exactly what things like "successful" mean to me instead of leaving these as vague concepts. Then I can figure out the goals, steps and means to get where I want to go. I am also considering a life coach to help me with this-if I can afford it...

Last night as I was pondering these weighty subjects I remembered today was the first of June-the perfect time to start implementing changes in my life. As I lay there thinking these "heavy" thoughts I felt an energy in myself and just knew this is the right time and I CAN DO IT! Today I will live my life right!

So today I will phone in any credit/debit slip sales I have. I will add up sales slips in the glass shop. I will catch up on paperwork. I WILL write down everything I spend $$$ on! I will do some housekeeping in both the house and shop. I will work on my glass cabs. I'd work in the yard, but it's going to be too wet to weed and is supposed to rain. It's also chilly...

My life goal is to
be able to have a home in the middle of nowhere, living off of income from my jewelry. I'd like to have an RV/5th wheel to travel the US and Canada meeting my plurkie friends! I would have an area for the glass end of my jewelry and be able to do shows as I go!

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houseofbaca said...

Wonderful post! Gives me alot to think about and some needed direction in my own world. I love you girl, don't ever forget that I am your cheerleader and friend <3