Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flower Season I

It finally feels like spring here! I have been bitten by the flower bug. As a result I have been flower shopping.

Today I started planting some of them. First I started with this pot on the glass shop porch. I fell in love with the orangey-yellow Dalia you see in the center. I have surrounded it with dark purple and yellow flowers. I used Petunias, Sweet Alyssum, and a couple of new plants that I can't remember the name of. One of them looks like miniature petunias and are great for trailing out of pots. They are also hardy to 15 degrees Fahrenheit! I put the tags in so you can see what they'll look like once they are blooming. Once these plants get going, spread out and blooming I will have to take another picture.
In this flower border on the street corner of the shop I planted one and a half dozen double Petunias and one dozen Sweet Alyssum plants along with five Gerebera
Daisies. I am going to have a gorgeous crop of Irises this year too!

I still have seven Pansies and about ten Sweet Williams plants that my late daughter and I planted in June of 2008! Isn't that amazing? I treasure these plants and the wonderful, good memories they bring me.

I still have two large pots to fill with gravel (bottom) and dirt before I can plant them along with a hanging basket.

My goals for today were to work on my cabs, plant flowers, phone in the debit/credit slips, make a supply order for the shop and to do the dishes. I've done everything but the dishes!

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