Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today's Progress Report...

I've managed to have another busy day! I took a short nap after I finished my paper route. Once I was up I went outside and turned the sprinklers on my flower border. After I looked over there I discovered my favorite sprinkler head was broken. So I picked up the pieces and switched the water over to water the shop lawn. It's one of several low pressure sprinklers fed from a main line. It was an adjustable water flow, half circle head attached two inches above a stake. The water came into the top of the stake from a small hose connected to a drip plug.

As my aunty had given it to me to try 3-4 years ago I had nothing to replace it with-or should I say that I wanted to replace it with. So I headed to the plumbing supply store for a replacement with the parts in hand. As they didn't have any all put together I purchased the pieces necessary to make my own. I made these up while eating breakfast. Then I went out and replaced the broken sprinkler. I spent an hour weeding, accepted my supply shipment, had lunch and got ready to teach my class. During class I got the supplies unpacked, priced and put away. Afterwards I cut another five dozen cabochons and ground ten of them before quitting time. I also got my dishes washed.

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~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

You made me's a great feeling to get that much accomplished in a day! You had nothing on the energizer bunny. Hope you are chillaxin this evenin!