Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have been doing my best to get a little bit done in each area of my life every day. I've had a couple good days and a one day that was a complete loss. If I don't get enough sleep I can't get myself moving to get anything done.

As you may remember I am a paper carrier. This means my day starts at one am...I finish my routes between five and six am. At ten am it's time to open the glass shop for the day. I close the shop at five pm. I am trying to break twenty plus years of sleep habits to go to sleep by seven pm. Unfortunately for all my life this has been "my time" to relax, read and whatnot. To no longer have any real "free time" is very hard. I really need the time between the finish the paper routes and opening the shop to water the yard and work in/on the yard. I can only water from six am to ten am or four pm to ten pm on odd days. And as most know we are supposed to water in the mornings.

Once the heat kicks in things are going to definitely be tricky. My bedroom will be to hot to sleep in until about eight pm. I'm going to have summer hours in the glass shop which give me an afternoon time slot for napping. I have an air conditioner unit for my upstairs bedroom, but I feel it is too expensive to use. I need the money I'm saving on not heating the house to pay for the water for the yard.

My last "real" job was back in 2003 and as I haven't really "worked" since then it does seem to be a bit of karmic justice to now have to put in 12 to 16 hour days. That's what happens when one has spent that many years on "vacation" I guess. I've come to this conclusion about life. If one has the time to go do stuff (camping, fishing etc;) then one doesn't have any money to do so. To have the money to do stuff means you won't get the time to do it! One of life's little conundrums. :)

Saturdays are market (show) days. Sundays are the closest thing I have to a day off. The shop is also closed on Mondays, but that is the day for me to run errands, go to the bank and throw the weekly store ads.

Speaking of Saturday Market yesterday was my first day there and I had a great day. I was very happy with how well I'd done. Then I added up the debit/credit slips and found I'd about thirty percent more than I thought. This makes this the second best one day show in five years for me. I think my new set up really worked for me. I'd share some pictures with you all, but I didn't even think about the camera and pictures until we were back home unloading. So that's a goal for next week!

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Deronda said...

your life is changing, but I believe the day will come when you find balance and success...