Friday, April 30, 2010

Color Samples & Stress Test Results!

Here is a picture of the fused color samples from last night's fusing. I am really pleased with the results of the colors I combined. I do wish the orange on purple showed a little bit better.

Anyone a fan of pansies? I am and at least 13 years ago I came across a gorgeous color combination called "The Joker" A rich deep blue violet purple with a bright orange face. Therefore lies the origins of the purple and orange color combination. I knew the color combination on the bigger pieces would be great so I fused them in this batch.

And last but not least is the three small pieces I put in for a stress test. Two of the colors struck (changed color). They were the red and the blue/grey combination. You'll notice the color change. As you can tell the pink and green are still pretty. The blue/grey glass isn't compatible so it failed the stress test. BUT the pink and green didn't fail and are compatible! Out of all the colors that was the one color I wanted to use the most!

P.S. Different glasses expand and contract at different rates. In fusing they have to expand and contract at the same rate or they are unstable and will break. Some will literally pull themselves apart.