Sunday, April 25, 2010

Green Patterned Dichroic Glass Bracelet

With the addition of listing this Green Patterned Dichroic Glass Bracelet I have all my upcycled link bracelets done!

I finally found a watermark program. (As if one couldn't tell?) I think the watermark adds a bit of class and professionalism to my pictures.

Spent the afternoon working for my Aunty. Topash (her older dog) has had a nice soothing bath with the special moisturizing shampoo the vet recommended, followed with the special leave in lotion. He was a very good boy for me. The shampoo had to sit for ten minutes. 'Pash serenaded me for most of it. LOL! The rest of the time was spent pulling weeds in the garden for her. I am going to be hurting for the next three days now. But it is a good hurt. I so need the exercise. I hate exercise just for the sake of exercise. So I need to get it while doing something useful like weeding, vacuuming etc;!

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