Saturday, April 3, 2010


Happy Easter to all!

Of course my BBB sale is still going on. I'll pick my daily special tomorrow morning after I get back from delivering papers. I have been doing a LOT of editing in my studio. I have five pages done and six more to go. I am finally getting the hang of this SEO business. In the process I have simplified my titles. But I finally am showing up in the Artfire searches in the first few pages instead of page 9, 10 etc; (big smile) Anyway what I wish to do this evening is share some different shops (and the links to them) who are also having sales going on!

Robyn of Jewelled Trellis is having a spring cleaning sale. 25% off store wide through April 15, 2010. I love how she blends a classic romance look with a modern flair!

Teri of The Beaded Branch has her pretties 20% off plus free shipping, sale time is indefinite. Her "Past Present Treasures" are amazing!

Deb of CrysallisGems has all her luscious gemmies on sale for 20% off!

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