Friday, April 23, 2010

Student Project & Late Night Brainstorms

One of the things I do besides fusing glass and making jewelry is teaching stained glass. Usually I teach the copper foil method or the "Tiffany" style of stained glass. I teach a very small "hands-on" class designed to allow the student to see if they really like doing stained glass before they invest a lot of money into tools and supplies.

This is my current student's work in progress. He is a beginner and this is his second class. The background is a white iridescent wispy glass and the star is out of Fremont scraps. The amber moon is going to be changed to blue. Although it looked good with the pink and green just looks "off". I think it is because there is no amber in the iridescent coating of the white glass. The medium blue waterglass chosen should really tie the whole piece together nicely. It is really neat to teach someone who isn't afraid of color!

I tried to go to sleep at a decent hour last night-instead my mind decided to have a major brainstorming session that kept me up until almost three. I've been wanting to come up with some different jewelry collections/lines.
I love using different techniques to get different looks in my dichroic jewelry. Which has helped me to realize that I already have "informal" collections. What I need to do is to define these these styles and name them. Then I can design new pieces to compliment these collections. I was actually able to define one of these last night. I believe I shall name it "Modern" or "Modern Bold". These are the pieces that are bright, bold, colorful and have a lot of the dichroic coating facing the top of the glass, uncapped just like this bracelet!

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