Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Updating Earring Prices

I spent most of today reviewing my dichroic glass earring prices. I've updated almost all of my earring prices, not including the fancier wrapped pieces.

In this process I've discovered two things. One the amount of glass used in the cabochons doesn't have a very significant impact on the overall cost of the piece. What has the biggest impact is the gold filled earwires VS the sterling silver earwires. My favorite gold filled ones (like in the picture) are nearly five times the price of the same style in sterling silver. Ouch! Also the gold filled wire I've used for wrapping is twice as much as the sterling silver wire.

As you browse my Artfire studio you will notice that the earrings done in gold have increased in price. Sterling silver earrings have gone up, down or stayed the same.

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