Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Pendants All Listed!

I listed all those pretty pendants that I shared yesterday in my Artfire studio today! I do have seven more pairs of earrings and nine more pendants that I need to photograph. Once I've done that and edited the pictures I'll be able to get those listed too.

Upcycling all these older cabs I've really been noticing how much my glasswork has improved. I can really see the improvement. Mostly in the uniformity of the thickness of the cab. In the past I tried too hard to get to much out of the fused glass slab, leading to uneven thickness of the cab. Now I sacrifice quantity for quality. I also am learning other little tricks making sure I use a fine enough grinding bit so there isn't any little chips out of the back edges. The backs soften but don't smooth out completely being flat against the kiln shelf.

One of these days I'd like to play with the beveling grinder dad has tucked away. One I think it would be a great way to even out the worst of the old cabs. Two I think it would also be a great way to thin out a really thick cab. Since the way it is set up it is basically a flat grinding bit. I could grind them down until they are level or thinner as desired. Then with a finer grit I could clean them and put them back into the kiln for a fire polishing. And eventually I think I would like to bevel the edges on some of my cabs. IF I have enough patience that is. Dad tried it a bit, but said he found it very tedious .


Deronda said...

Still would be fun to try and see what you could would add a whole different look to your pieces.

WillowWalker said...

It will be fun to try when I get a chance. I think it will add a lovely artistic dimension-but can I sell them?