Sunday, March 7, 2010

Seattle Highlights

This past week has been quite the grand adventure for "lil' ole' me". It was rather exciting, hectic and exhausting. My aunt and I accompanied my uncle and aunt to Seattle for tests at a hospital there. The drive from Aberdeen to Seattle was another first for me as I was driving. I have now driven in a major big city! The first picture is taken from my uncle's motel room. I couldn't believe we were so close to it. Our motel was only three blocks from the Space Needle! I didn't hardly get the time to play tourist. But I did manage 45 minutes and I took a quick walk to visit the Space Needle. I quickly browsed through the gift shop and then walked around it a bit before heading back to the motel. I also took a picture of the Science Fiction Museum on my way back.

I hope to be all rested up and back on track this week as I have many new pairs of earrings to share and list!

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