Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Umm, Exhausted!

Just a quick post to share my unbelievably long and exhausting day. I have been up since eight-twenty this morning and it has been a non-stop day of go, go, go and it is now eleven pm! I have packed two, foot-locker sized plastic totes, oxygen/medical stuff, countless bags and other miscellaneous boxes. Then it all had too be distributed and loaded into three various vehicles. After that it was load up the peoples and off on a two hour drive to my Aunt & Uncle's motel. Of course it all had to be unloaded to their room and then unpacked and put away.

I have decided if I ever want to I may have a career in advising and helping people to plan and pack when they have to go far from home for long term medical treatment. The kind where a week turns into more...When you will be living in a motel for weeks.

Many times families have to go hours away for specific medical treatments. In these instances they have to stay for several weeks to several months away from home. If they are receiving outpatient treat such as chemotherapy they have to find a place to stay. The choices tend to be motel/hotel with kitchenettes or a rental. When they have to do this the planning and packing logistics start to become overwhelming. Not only is there clothes to be packed and personal necessities. There are many more things to consider. That cute little travel sized bottle of shampoo/conditioner/lotion just won't cut it. You have to bring the BIG bottles (at least to re-fill the small ones). Then there is all the little things that you need long term. Such as the music player, CD's, laptops, cleaning supplies, books and other entertainment. Also what is actually going to be in that there kitchenette/kitchen? Measuring cups, mixing bowls, cooking utensils and food storage containers-probably not. Also will you be able to go shopping to get what you need or forgot? Maybe not or one may be to tired or ill to do so.