Monday, March 1, 2010

Working While On The Road

Well I started wrapping cabs while it was my aunts turn to drive. I managed to get eleven pairs wrapped! Now I still need to finish them by putting on the earwires. I wrapped the red hearts last night so I could wear them today. I took this picture in my room here at the hotel/motel. The best lighting was in the bathroom. I think it isn't too bad of a picture (although the color on the turquoise cabs doesn't really show due to glare). My Aunt Jackie was quite taken with the little round cab so I am going to wire wrap it in silver (her preference) and gift it to her tomorrow.

We had a lovely drive up here to Hoaquim/Aberdeen, WA from Bend, OR. It is about a five hour drive not counting any stops! Actually this the best drive up here that I have ever had. Hardly any traffic, no rain, not to sunny and no snow with dry pavement over the Mt. Pass. There was more snow when we came up last fall. Three winters ago the snowpack was so high my kid was climbing the snow and jumping off the roof of the rest area on Mt. Hood! The snow was almost gone. Nice for driving but this also means a dry summer as there isn't much of a snowpack to provide us with water for the coming summer....

I know I said I'd be gone and not posting. I decided at the last minute to take my laptop along. The inn we are staying at has free wireless! So I decided to post anyway. I will be at another hotel/motel tomorrow so if I post is still unknown.

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Nancy said...

I just read this today but if I'd known I would have waved as you went by, kind of! Here in Eastern WA State. Hiiiii!