Friday, March 26, 2010

SneaK Peek of Upcoming Pendants

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Here's a sneak peek at all the pendants I finished yesterday. You will notice that five of these pendants have 22K gold images on them and one does not. The black oval pendant with large polka dots is an actual cast glass pendant. That is why it has the matte sides. Now I just need to start listing these in my studio!

Remember my bragging about being caught up with all the completed earrings? Ummm, apparently I lied. Evidently a case of out of sight out of mind... Sitting on my workbench, downstairs in the studio, where I take my pictures lays the other six pairs of earrings I have left to photograph. slaps head-DOH! It was so late and I was in a hurry so I left them there. (for now)

Also I need to let you know that the final countdown to the "Big Birthday Bash" sale started yesterday. Six more days until the First and then the sale will on. What sort of sale prices/deals/specials will I have??? I'm still working on it and you'll just have to wait until the big day before I'm telling. It will be a birthday surprise.

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