Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two More Pairs Of Earrings Listed

I listed both of these pairs of earrings today. The first pair "White Diamond Shaped" earrings I was going to call "White Diamonds" but realized shortly thereafter that if I remember correctly that is the name of a perfume by a famous actress. As I do not wish to wrangle with said actress's lawyers it would not do.

The second pair "Turquoise & Copper" has an interesting tale with it. I wanted to do something a little different and chose to wrap this pair in copper instead of my usual sterling silver or gold filled wire. I found the perfect earwires for them too. Too bad not one earwire was the exact same size as another! I'm fixing them as I use them. The really interesting thing I noticed is that the back "leg" of the earwire is straight. When I noticed this I had one of them little light bulbs "click on" in my brain....I really like the simplicity of the ball-front earwires. But I've found they sometimes dangle against my neck irritating it due to the shorter leg. The solution was laying before me-straight wires! I am now in the process of straightening the backs of my earwires and re-curving them to hang straight. I've been "test driving" a pair. I'm happy to report that they no longer touch my neck AND they hang straight! Another benefit seems to be they aren't trying to slip out of the ear.

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