Thursday, March 25, 2010

SW Designs-Featured AJDJSS Artist

Today I am doing another featured Artfire artist from Artfire Jewelry Design & Jewelry Supply Shop Guild (AJDJSS for short). This week's featured artist is Stacy of SWDesigns. As you can see creates lovely pieces. I love the necklace! Stacy has a variety of styles to choose from in her Artfire studio. Not only does she carry these stunning sparkly pieces, but she also has earthy, southwestern and other fun designs too. Stacy has a little something for everyone no matter your style.

How did you get into creating jewelry?
Several years ago, a good friend wanted to modernize a few pieces of her jewelry. We went to the local craft store to find some new beads, charms or pendants to use. I fell in love with all the different styles, shapes and colors of the beads and gems available.
At first, I began making jewelry for myself and daughters to co-ordinate with specific outfits or holidays. I really enjoyed this and they turned out well. I received so many requests to make similar items for friends and family, that I began making earrings and bracelets as gifts and for donations for school fundraisers. Last year, I read about Artfire in one of my beading magazines, and decided to try selling on-line.

Do you have a favorite style, technique or materials?
I love working with crystals, pearls and gemstones. The variety of shapes and colors allow you to customize and create all kinds of looks for any occasion or everyday wear.
I love trying out different beading techniques. I enjoy the challenge and it's a great way to keep jewelry styles fresh. Recently I've been crochet beading, and my crystal hearts were made using bead weaving.

What would you do if you won a thousand dollars?

Spend it on my family, at church and on house maintenance.
What other crafts or hobbies are you into?
I love to cook and garden. I've been teaching my children to cook since they were toddlers and it's been amazing to see them develop their own cooking style, favorite dishes, etc.
My garden is more of a cut flower garden, but I've had success growing some herbs.
Do you have a favorite color or color combination?
I love working with the colors of the Fall : harvest gold, burgundy, burnt orange, dark green.

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