Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bedroom Clean-Up & Rearranging I

Ever since I moved into this upstairs bedroom in the fall of 2006, I have been trying to "fit" into it. This re-arrangement will be the third try since I moved in. Sometime you just have to try something, live with it for a while and try again. As you can tell by the pictures my bedroom is an attic type room. The walls are only 38 inches tall. The side of the room shown is twenty feet long and twelve feet wide.

The first picture I have taken from the foot of the stairs, (The books in the lower right corner are on top of the protective stairway wall.) angled to the right hand corner of the room. My bed is to the left of the window. At the foot of my bed is my chair and work area. As you can see this layout is NOT working for me. I never was able to get the finishing touch on my bedroom and closet. Since I can't live with this clutter it is time to try a new floor plan.

I drew this arrangement up a week before my horseback riding
mishap. I've been eagerly awaiting the chance to have at it since then.

In the second picture I show you that same corner again. My workbench is along the far right hand wall along with two storage drawer carts with my jewelry supplies. The bookcase now holds most of my beads, my wire wrapping and bead work books too. My rotary tool will be hung off the side of the bookcase. My tools are on the bench and my ex hung the small shelf on the wall for me.

The third and final picture show my chair now in place and blocking the view of the bookcase. My chair swivels so I can easily get to whatever I need from the bookcase behind it. The coffee table is back under the window and now has room for my radio. I absolutely love having the desk lamp on the coffee table. It lights up the room beautifully now! This picture also shows my bed and I caught somebody already sleeping!

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