Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Glass Goddess & My Riding Adventure

This is just one of my new colors, a coral. I'm thinking about calling it Salmonberry. But I have research to do first!

I have opened my supply store, The Glass Goddess. I have three cabs listed and a minimum of six more to list.

I did go riding on Saturday. Turns out that lovely mare has not really been ridden in over a year and did not take kindly to being seperated from her buddies. I decided to let her run, but when I tried to slow her down she disagreed quite vehemetly. So I decided to bail off the bucking horse. I still ended up hurt. I had hoped to bounce. Instead I just went "THUNK". I scraped my right elbow very nicely, tweaked my left hand, bruised and wrenched my back. I did get back up on the twit and rode her some more. I have spent most of the past three days laying in bed reading or sleeping. Each day I have felt better. Today I can finally sit in front of my laptop and type instead of standing.

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