Monday, October 5, 2009

Goal For The Week Of Oct 5-11th!

I have decided to set myself a seven day goal. Maybe challenge is a better description. Anyway my goal is to do four listings a day in my Artfire studios, Willow Walker Designs and my new supply studio The Glass Goddess. The rules are as follows: Two listings must be new items that I haven't listed to my Artfire studios yet. The other two listings may be older listings that need a makeover, new pictures and re-editing then re-listing. I will blog about the items I list the following day. So today's items I will show tomorrow. Also I want to list at different times not all at once. This is to help me get other things accomplished during the day.

I have also decided with the holidays coming up I will start listing some of my "stock" items back in my Etsy store as well. These listings do not count towards my new goal as the are pretty much copy and paste from my Artfire listings. The bulk of my jewelry will continue to be in my Artfire studio.

Now all I need is a date to have the grand-unveiling of my made-over Artfire studio and a Grand Opening date for my new Artfire supply studio! I'm thinking either the weekend after next or this weekend.

I had planned to share pictures of our poor ruined cherry tree and yesterday's snowstorm but the pictures are no longer on my computer! I honestly do not know what happened to them. We had an early snowfall yesterday of almost three inches of thick, wet, heavy snow. As it had only gotten down to freezing twice, just last week the deciduous trees and shrubs have yet to lose their leaves. With all the heavy snow many of those trees lost branches. Our cherry tree lost two of three of it's main branches. I personally do not think it will survive. The guys think it will. I'm rather sad as my mom planted that tree only 10 to 13 years ago and it had just reached a nice size and was a good shade tree. I will get a picture of it tomorrow before the ex takes the chainsaw to it and cleans up the mess. Weather like this is not common but being so close to the mountains it does happen occasionally.

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