Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tips For Seed Bead Storage

A friend of mine, CatsWire
dropped a box of seed and glass beads today. Please read her post as it is revelant to my post! Her predicament gave me a great idea for today's blog!

I started working with seed beads in 88'. I made brickstitch earrings, peoyte stitch and flatwork. I worked with size 11's and 16's. I put in over eight years of seed bead work. Then my son was old enough to get into them so I put what was left of them away.

The first picture shows an empty, opened 3M Scotch Brand electrical tape container. They are approximately 3 inches across and 7/8 of an inch deep.
As you can see it is a small, round, flat shallow, flexible, white translucent plastic container.

This the good stuff used by many professional, commercial electricians. The tape used to come in these. I do not know if they still do or not. I think it may. All I can say is you can find any grab them!

The second pictures shows how I kept the seed beads in the tube unless I was working with them. When I was working with them I would only put part of the beads in. Please note how the shallow container is easy to pick the beads out of with the needle. I also liked how I could give the container a little shake to rearrange the beads. If they still slide around too much you could cut a circle out of felt or a beading mat to put in the container.

The third picture shows how the container looks closed and how you can still tell what color is in there.

The last picture demonstrates how when I was done I could squeeze the flexible container to make a spout to pour the seed beads back into their tube.
This flexibility allows the containers to flex upon impact whereas clear, hard plastic containers pop apart on impact. As I always take what I'm working on with me the containers have to be able to put up with a lot!

I had a electrician friend who introduced me to these containers. Between him and the electricians at the factory I worked at I was able to get a nice collection.

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