Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sleepy Time Wonders & New Colors

I caught these two already in bed sleeping the night before last. I have been "forcing" my Brutus to share the bed with that "evil kitty". If Fisk is on the bed Brutus paces, whines and cries to be allowed up in my lap. Usually I am working on something and there isn't room for him. After a while I get tired of it and just pick him up and put him on the bed. He takes the hint and curls up in the nook between the pillows and goes to sleep. It is an uneasy truce at best. Fisk so wants to be best friends with Brutus and Brutus doesn't want anything to do with him. I wonder how they will be getting along six months from now?

The second picture shows the four new fusing colors that just arrived in the last glass order. The colors are (from left to right) Stone, Chestnut, Terra Cotta and Persimmon. Now I just need to order a quarter sheet of Silver dichroic glass and start playing. I'm also considering a quarter sheet of something that has a lot of color play in small areas for making more "Dichroic Doodle" cabs out of.

I went to CBS, Coatings by Sandberg to set up some links for color and I found this on the home page! After looking I'm thinking about "Corkscrews" dichroic patterned glass instead of a "Hot or Cool Lava" patterned glass. As I cannot afford to order enough glass to buy directly from CBS I will be purchasing it through another retailer/wholesaler, Pacific Art Glass.

As for my bedroom I went and got not one but two new bookcases. I put one against the wall behind the craft table. The other will go by the other two bookcases. I ended up going through four plastic tubs last night, one large bag of papers and one box. I actually emptied the large bag, the box and one tub. I sorted out a lot of paperwork and caught up with filing all my receipts and business related stuff. The one tub is full of papers that I'm going to put into a large manila envelope.

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